Your Technical Issues will be under my control !

Posted: 2 years ago
Hello my dear customer!
I'm welcoming you in my Portfolio, and may please kindly read all this article? 

You will not regret, you will receive a very high services! with guaranty!  

My skills:  

A. Technical skills: 

1. servers issues. 
2. Network issues. 
3. Operation Systems issues ( Windows, Linux ).  
4. protocols issues. 
5. all kind of supports ( email, phone, video , chat ..) 
6. Systems, Projects and Network Administration. 
7. Security, Firewalls, wireless. 

B. Marketing skills: 

1. Social Media Marketing.
2. Official Email Marketing ( please don't ask me to do SPAM!!, because i will not do, if you ask me for that, i will tell Truelancer team about you, please respect the terms! )  
3. Searching and collecting data. 

C. Engineering: 

1. Help in Embedded Systems. 
2. Help in Ardunino Boards.
3. Help in schematic electronic/electrics schematics. 

D. Translations: 

I can speak many languages, so I'm thinking to offer in the near future translation services.