Web Portal to Support Feedback Apps on Mobile Platform

Posted: 3 years ago
Problem Statement: The Mobile Apps of the Advanced Feedback System had to be supported by a Robust Backend Portal.

Solution Offered: A system was designed to host all the data uploaded by the tablets in various outlets. Data Analysis was provided on multiple dimensions.

The owners of the Restaurants Chains could compare the performance of their outlets on the basis of various categories, across time or among themselves.

A great emphasis was given to the Feedbacks Collected and the Analytics of the same. Feedbacks with lower than average ratings were marked RED. Also, the system intelligently highlighted the Important Feedbacks as Yellow.

System also sports representation of Data in Graphical form for the Top Management to give a Bird’s Eye View on the performance.

Like Tabular Data Graphs are also available across time and outlets.

Overall, the system is very elaborate and provides a lots of features for the management to keep track of the services they are offering. The portal also helps the management to overview the handling of feedbacks by the staff as it provides a transparent communication channel.
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