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Posted: 4 years ago
TILC Education Inc., is an international education
support services provider, committed to helping students across the globe to realize
their educational dreams. At TILC Education Inc., our core objective is to help
students connect more realistically with their academic goals through our services.
We offer a wide range of educational support services such as application and
admission support, study abroad programs, extensive scholarship and internship
information, professional writing services for resumes and essays, as well as text
book sales and rental.

Our students have free access to valuable  resources like our e-library, TILC Education solution
center, and our essay corrector software, a suitable partner for any student
intending to write a winning essay.

We have proudly surmounted cultural barriers to help
international students comfortably fit into their new environments through our
programs. With a wide global network, TILC Education Inc. has created a hassle
free setting where students have not only access, but also support for any
educational need they might have.