Posted: 6 months ago

          I feel that there are no differences of opinion that the whole world is changing with the evolution of technology. Some may debate that it has made the social life and contacts hell, but again there is always another side to the coin. Whichever side of the coin surfaces up, it makes someone win. Likewise we have advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

       Now that the world is full of different minded people, some are constructive and destructive. The people who are more of a spiritual mindset use their  talent for the good deeds of the society. They take  the advantages of the technology for the betterment of the mankind. Such people are often highly regarded as the backbone of the society and their work remains incomparable for the mankind. Those who are talented but of negative mind-set, use the technology as one of their weapon against the society-hurting many innocent people. Mostly, those type of people are over-ambitious and power greedy.

But, the last laugh will always belong to the well-minded people who are dedicated and devoted for the betterment of the world.