Systems Integration Consultant | FS3 Consulting Inc.

Posted: 2 years ago
May 2008 - May 2009

Research, develop and implement Manufacturing, Sales, Accounting, HR, Base modules in OpenERP

Mapped objects that are used/installed in a Manufacturing Profile in OpenERP

Research and document core modules in OpenERP (ORM, scheduler, wizard, reports(XML and RML), Record rules, access control, user access, etc.)

Developed a multilevel BoM(manufacturing) for one of our company's client.

Developed a Sign In/ Out system and modified HR(timesheet) to fit the company's needs.

Developed a payroll system based on the Philippine labor standards.

OpenERP Developer Trainor(Being part of the pioneer team, I was one the people who trains new recruits for the development of OpenERP),

DVORAK Keyboard Layout User(Aside from using QWERTY, we were trained to use DVORAK to properly touch type, provide a more faster typing speed and also minimize injuries), Max typing speed: 85 wpm

UBUNTU User(Familiarization with usage of UBUNTU 8.04)
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