SMM - Social Media Marketing social-media-optimization, social-media-marketing

Posted: 3 years ago
The goal in this project is to promote the items via social networks. You will manage our social media accounts, improve our social media presence, interact with prospects when needed, and promote the items via the following network:

- Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram

My responsibilities:

-Increase REAL likes (we need time and patience)
-Interacting with people
-Advertise by posting a new product/business
-Market Sale
-Connecting with other social media platforms such Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.


-The pages Increase sales by 10% in the first month then increasing in the next couple of months.
-Increasing REAL likes by 20% in the first month. Due to interacting with people, posting everyday, liking other pages and promote the product and connecting with other social media platforms.

NOTE: I am not using any bot to increase likes or other software. I do manual work like creating messages and send it to other people if they are interested.

How do this project to be successful?
my answer is PATIENCE and a lot of time.