Short Story - A Drunken Stubborn thing

Posted: 6 months ago
It was a usual Saturday morning.The honks of the bustling traffic transmitted in through the open window , woke him up. He rose up from the bed to his feet and that mere action gave his eyes a blackout.He blinked it away, rubbed his eyes only to see the walls, the curtains and everything visible ,spinning around.It was only then that the happenings of last night came back to him.He was hauled out of the party hall, then throwed into the back seat of the car by his friends and that was all he could recollect.They would have probably dropped him here on their way home.
Hangover has taken hold of him and he felt as though his head would detonate any moment.The four full bottles of vodka, followed by rounds of cocktails were showing their wicked faces.After the tedious task of making his way to the fridge with the help of doors , the furniture and whatever he could anchor himself to, he slumped back on the sofa helpless with a ice pack against his forehead.

Later that day in the evening, after a lemon tea, realization dawned on him.It was the moment of truth.He decided..."I will never booze again...not in this life".He felt cheerful and happy that he had made a decision to stick to .He was confident that he would abide to it, though it wasn't the first time that he had took this decision.He dozed off into deep slumber that lasted more than ten hours.

This time, the buzzing of his mobile woke him up.It was his dear friend and a close colleague from his office.
The call was to invite him to a housewarming ceremony.He accepted the invitation and the party was a blast.He avoided drinks till the very end, but temptation has taken him over, owing to the continous requests by his friends.He thought..."What's wrong in taking a sip for courtesy? One sip and that's all"

Next day in the morning, he begged his boss for a day off.His head was spinning again.Needless to say, the sip for courtesy continued till he turned into a drunken monkey.He slanged himself for his inability to stick to his own word and that it affected his work.He decided yet again that he would not drink anymore

But , he turned into a drunken monkey almost on every occassion and so on, it continued
One casual day, he was into his work attire, in his car at a clogged junction, honking the horn.It was usual for the traffic to converge at the junction at that time of the day.He waited patiently for it to clear and then took a two way road from where it was just a twenty minute drive by.A SUV was in front of him, moving at a very slow pace.He decided to cross it as he couldn't afford to reach late to the office.He shifted gears and accelerated to cross it, only to confront a truck speeding from the opposite direction.He didn't notice it earlier and it was a wrong move.He had to do something now to avoid a hit.He quickly darted his eyes  around to find a side lane, it was the only way out for him.All he had to do was to take a swift turn to the right into the lane to give way to the truck.

Fair enough!.He was about to steer right, but something was strange.He couldn't move a finger.Panic has striken him and held grip on him.All the main events of his life flashed before his eyes.He drove straight helpess and rammed into the truck.He fell unconcious and was removed by an ambulance.And then it started..........