Senior Java / Blockchain Developer

Posted: 2 years ago
I'm Mohamed Ali from Egypt. I have more than 6 years experience with different java technologies. I worked in different business cases like Financial and Telecommunications.

My role now working as senior java developer in Vodafone international service. My responsibility to deliver one of scrums for Mi Vodafone Spain. We developing Micro service architecture for Vodafone Spain.
We are using the following frameworks : Spring-Boot, Spring Security, Redis, MongoDB, Spring Data, Mockito, swagger.

Now, I finished studying Blockchain and smart contract so i have an experience in solidity, Nodejs, ES6.

I already done some smart contracts by Solidity:
- BankJob : it is a simulation to bank account feature by deploying this contract you are going to create an address like the bank account, you can deposit, withdrawal, show balance from contract address.
- Election : this contract is a simulation for Election Process. Inside the contract, I already created some candidates with cotes count and i created methods inside contract to register the voters by address and vote for one candidate only.