Redmine Customization

Posted: 3 years ago
Create Multitenancy:
Redmine is an open source flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. We have created a private plugin called multi-tenant for the Redmine.

Super admin can create company account with subdomain and owner details and based on it will create a subdomain for that company. After creation company can feel as its own product. After creation of subdomain, the owner can get credentials for login via email.

Install plugin and customization based on it.
We have installed and customized plugins based on clients requirements.
Installed Plugins:
DMSF - Document Management System Features
Redmine Language Change plugin - A Redmine plugin to override the default language strings
Meetings plugin - plugin to manage meetings in REDMINE
ERPmine - This plugin is for entering Time & Attendance

Deployment on Google cloud instance.

Technology used: Ruby 2.3.0, Rails 4.2.6
Database: MySQL
Gems: Apartment, Paperclip
Project Management Tool: Asana
Source Management Tool: Bitbucket
Server: Google Cloud
Project URL:Industry: Software