Redesign of GIS Infrastructure for Emergency Notification Company

Posted: 1 year ago
I was working for a mapping company, but it turned out that the data products we were trying to sell were unsellable.  In that role, I met the VP of Sales for an emergency notification vendor.  He got in touch with me, as they weren't happy with the mapping services of my former employer.

Starting from 'make vs. buy', I revamped the entire GIS process, including data purchase and management (developed a bunch of database queries to reduce the phone database by almost a third), and a tiered geocoding strategy that kept prices to an absolute minimum.  I delivered a few projects, then helped interview and hire the permatnent guy for the job.  Overall, they saved $125K a year, with better product and faster turnaround.  Since tech companies were trading at 30 to 1 PE ratio, that's about $3.7 million I created for someone, unfortunately, not me.