Portfolio - book cover design and web site design

Posted: 3 years ago
Hi! I'm a book
cover designer and web site designer with a five-year experience. I  work  in
( I have a certificate) , InDesign, Fireworks, Corel Paint
Pro Shop Photo, Dreamweaver, Javascript, HTML . I won a design contest for the book "Wake Up Smiling"
by Audrey Meisner for the American publishing house BSP COVERS. I got an offer
and designed the cover of the book "The formula for finding true
love" for American author Daisy Papp, which will soon be found on Amazon.
I got an offer and designed the cover of the book "Her wounds hurt
him" for Indian author Aiman Parween. 
I received award for the website design "Wine Village" for the Swiss company BAD SISTEM. I get great praise for my work from
numerous authors.
Responsible, detailed, creative and passionate with book
cover design job.
 You can contact me for any

You can see
my works on the link https://www.facebook.com/JelenaWebDesign2015/ . Thank you!