Personal / Virtual Assistant

Posted: 2 years ago
Job Summary: Data Processing, and Data Entry using online forms and PDF The work entails: -Downloading attachments from a PDF and placing them into a dropbox folder. -Renaming all the PDF Files. -Using PDF's to fill out forms online which go into a database. -Some of the PDF's will have many pages, these need to be broken down into smaller segments and renamed. -Updated Database record status based on emails indicating a status has been changed. I have a strong preference for someone who uses skype or google hangout for instant messaging. Qualifications: You must have PDF software that can break a PDF with multiple pages into single pages or combine PDF pages with each other. Must work at least 3 to 4 hours during the time that we work, which is 7am pacific standard time to 3:30pm pacific standard time. Also would like people who are free, and can dedicate 40 hours a week. Must know english fluently. Also prefer people in Bangladesh as most of our current staff is in Bangladesh. Must use skype of google hangout and be able to do video calls or voice calls. Job Position: We are looking for people to add to our staff permanently. This can be ongoing job for a long time. If you are really good may turn into a full time job. less
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