Network and System Administrator

Posted: 1 year ago
Platys is a world class provider of Technical Support Services to versatile businesses. Our experienced, skilled, certified and highly competent technical support workforce has a long standing reputation for providing quality service with a major emphasis on providing unparalleled service. Whether it is related to the backup and recovery of critical data, providing IT support to various clients, Platys is the best place to find the complete solution for all the requirements.

We are a skilled and experienced, specializing in meeting the technical support needs of our associated clients. More importantly, we stand by our work and we stand by the hardware and software we sell. At Platys your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

The technical support can be beneficial in the following areas:
*Troubleshooting calls
*Software problems
*Internet service problems
*Product Features Design, Development and Delivery
*Computer hardware problems
*Up-sell/cross-sell purchases
*Corporate help-desk support
*System, Network, VOIP support
* windows and linux Server Support
*Website & database performance tuning.
*Server hardening

Our team working 24/7 for our customers