Mobile App for Collecting Feedbacks

Posted: 4 years ago
Product Overview: AFS is a feedback system that provides a smart way to retain customers by constantly improving products and services.

Problem Statement: Problems faced by the traditional feedback mechanism on paper forms.
  1. Generates Lesser Volume
  2. Scan, Fax or mail the forms
  3. Staff misconducts are unavoidable
  4. Indirect Access to Higher Management
  5. Inaccuracy is always there
  6. Highly Skilled person is required to perform good Data Analysis through MSExcel, SPSS or any other professional tool.
Solution Offered: Collect Data on Tablets (iPads or any Android Tablets).Benefits:
  1. Good Number of Feedbacks: Tablets make customer realise that their feedback is important to the restaurant.
  2. Data goes directly to the online server.
    1. Instant update
    2. Direct communication with the senior management
    3. Highly Accurate – removes human errors
  3. Staff Misconducts are eliminated.
    1. No involvement of lower staff
    2. No missing feedback forms
  4. Advanced Data Analysis is instantly available online.
  5. No need of highly skilled data analysts