Let's Make it Matter. Let's Make it Happen

Posted: 3 years ago
Hi, I'm Rose Sto Tomas a former Quality Analyst (lead on call) of a known IT Company and now transitioned as a Virtual Professional to offer my service to small business owners and online entrepreneurs who are looking for a "Savvy Strategist" to make their business grow.When I was working in the fascinating world of the BPO industry, I am often commended for being a savvy strategist, because of my ability to understand and judge a given situation quickly and make a strategy or a plan to deliver it. This is the reason people rely on my ability to make the job done. I always make sure that I finish every given task according to plan, before the deadline and initiate better systems and procedures while establishing camaraderie with my colleagues. When I decided to start my online career journey, I told myself that I would be the same savvy strategist, the "go-to guy" for potential clients, an attitude I believe is essential for virtual assistants.Where else can you find a virtual professional who is knowledgeable in social media, content marketing, writing, online marketing and has the passion in making real quality work to ensure the success of a goal?