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Posted: 11 months ago
Task was to give a review of Freshservice help desk solution in 450 words

Freshservice is a really good Help Desk solution that is in many ways more efficient than any other competing service. What it offers is a focus on the quick and easy use of help desk service focused more on employees assistance rather than customer support. With its intent more being on streamlining over the in-depth configuration, it benefits from a very straightforward and simplistic design that is really easy to set up. The installation process is fairly simple because Freshservice is a hosted service and with a couple steps during the signup, the system is up and running. If at any time you feel lost or confused using the portal, a powerful search field that can find anything within the system is always available. Freshservice comes with a bundle of features like Ticketing System, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management & Release Management, and self-service portal in addition to the usual ITIL-ready features. Everything is designed to speed up and simplify tasks and isolate the ones that require detailed configuration to the admin page. What is unique about Freshservice is its gamification module called Arcade. It turns the otherwise dull IT chores into a competition improving productivity. Intended customers are primarily IT departments seeking simplistic web-based help desk solutions and IT asset management solutions. Small business that focuses more on productivity and efficiency of their inner management system stand to benefit the most from it. The simplicity of its design also benefits the organisations such as schools and colleges as they can offer a simple ticketing and incident management amongst the employees as well as service catalogue and knowledge base for their users. Other Help Desk services are usually more focused on the customization and integration with other support and management solutions while Freshservice is more oriented towards a quick and simple task completion. With competitive pricing and multiple options to choose from, Freshservice offers a great value with its starter pack, Sprout. That is a 30 days free trial that supports up to 3 agents and 100 free assets. You can sign up for free and evaluate if Freshservice meets your requirements without spending much time or any money. Garden package is their most popular offer that has all the features required for a serious Help Desk solution and a reasonable price with under 50$ a month. A perfect balance between price and value, especially for the companies looking to get a powerful yet simple service desk solution.Bottom line is that Freshservice offers an extremely intuitive interface that makes service desk understandable and reachable to anyone and provides ITIL-based support as well as a streamlined workflow. It shortens the time of problem creation-solution and offers business a way to better understand the inner office management and build more effective services.