Image -v2 Image edit and share app

Posted: 2 years ago
The app is an instagram like platform where users can upload images and like and share them in other platform like facebook and twitter. It has a filter feature like instagram and supports few attractive filters.Users can like and comment on each other's posts and can view the profile of other user. Also it comes with a image collage feature. The application is hosted on firebase db and has facebook and twitter login apart from manual one.The app's ui is a copy of few popular social media platforms like facebook and instagram and some idea have also been taken from examples available at Currently under construction, The purpose of this project being educational and implements some of my useful learning during my cooperate period.Apk can be found in the link given in there.
Features currently available are :
1. Manual and facebook login and register.
2. Image upload and filtering.
3. Like and comment on image. Also replying to a comment.
4. Create profile
5. View user profile.
6. View post
7. Search user.