I will do technical writing for Medical and Nutrition blogs

Posted: 6 months ago
There are 4D in a healing process. When a person is sick (disease, 1st
D) he visit a doctor (2nd D). The doctor tries to diagnose (3rd
D) the client’s disease. “Dia” means through and “gnosis” means know. So, know
through a test is diagnosis. Once the disease or problem is diagnosed then the
4th D or drugs come in the arena. The physician then prescribes some
medication and suggests some food (there is another D for diet) and change in
living styles.

The patients disease condition, symptoms, diagnostic procedure,
treatment and after treatment status is written by a qualified medical
professional for sharing to others so that anyone can use it in future.

I have written and will
write for your articles or Blog post in the following domains:   
1. Medical article for
2. Analyze data using
3. Prepare reference
using EndNote reference manager  
 4. Analyze DNA data for
5. Editing, proofing
and rewriting   
5. Article/Blog in
health and Nutrition   
6. Policy and procedure
7. How to guide
8. Grant writing
10. Infographics