I will do SEO keyword research on-page optimization and in-depth amazon keyword research

Posted: 3 months ago
You landed on this gig because of you in need of some keywords for your listings and your PPC campaigns.SEO Keyword Research is the most important part of search engine optimization, the first step of On-Page S.E.O is SEO Keyword Research. Don't waste your time & money at useless keywords, On-Page Optimization & keyword research tools.
I have more than 3 years of experience as an Internet Marketer and I can find these Profitable Keywords out very efficiently. I am offering you my expertise from various European marketplaces and I guarantee that I will find and provide you with the BEST search words for your listing.
My services
  1. Up to 500/1000/2000 KWs (the number of keywords depends on your business category or seed KWs and target location)
  2. Search volume per month
  3. Cost per click or Suggested bid price
  4. Google Adwords competition level
  5. Top-quality On Page S.E.O
  6. Handpicked long-tail key-words/ key phrases which are easy to rank
  7. The low difficulty, high search volume & CPC keywords
  8. Broad Match results(Gig's Extra)
  9. Exact Match results(Gig's Extra)
  10. On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  11. Optimize Titles, URLs, Descriptions, Alt images, Headings, Content
Please shoot me a message if you have any questions or special requirements.
Best Regard
Tanvir Khan