I will create researched sales, ad, and website copywriting, website content and copywriting that you will love

Posted: 7 months ago
Professional Business Writer

I once read that 99% of the marketing is terrible. The sales world is incredibly noisy and attention is on demand.

You’ve been bombarded with ads all day. How many did you notice? How many do you remember? 
Are people remembering you? Can they recall your message? I’ll help make sure of it. 

Great marketing is not about complicated jargon and wordsmithing. My goal is to have a sixth-grader read your content or ad and easily understand what your product or service is about and be able to explain it, simple.

I’m a business professional, a digital specialist, been in the game for over 15 years. That means you are getting an expert. I work on things like:

  • About Us Pages
  • Website Content
  • Sale Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Emails & Letters
  • Video & Audio Scripts
  • Plus more... 

  • Proper English and grammar
  • Researched copy and consistent messaging
  • Project collaboration