I Will Be Your Social Media Manager And Content Designer

Posted: 2 years ago
Hello, I am a full-time freelancer. all individuals/companies definitely need social media accounts for personal or commercial purposes.

Previously I had managed the social media accounts of startup companies in Indonesia for promotional purposes, Branding, diverting followers to visit websites, and becoming an admin to handle followers if there were problems.

In this gig you can choose the duration you want where posts will be done on all your accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. once a day or according to your needs. I also received special orders.

My services include:

1. Social Media Admin

2. Optimizing your account page.

3. Daily post relevant content (using the top relevant tags)

4. Remove spamming and dirty content posted by other people.

5. Increase followers organically

6. Increased involvement

7. Designing Content

8. Traffic & Strategy Content

9. Engagement Report for a certain period

Social media platform includes:


Note: please send a message before ordering.