I have Made a SImple Webview App with an Indian Cient

Posted: 3 months ago
#678584 convert my website into an app Android, IOS

Main Job Features:
  • Webview App
  • Theme COlor matching
  • Notification
  • Advertisement
  • Menu 
  • Privacy Policy
The Job is to built a simple webview application for a news and magazine website.
This is simple job but the main challenges of the work is to matching the theme color with android interface.
It was also another challange for me that I dont understand the Regional Language in which the app was buit so to provide the menu  Ihave used master tips with google transalte :)
Responsive Interface and to make the application size very low because very less functionality are there.
This is very short time project it took me hardly 3 hours to 5 hours to build.

I have provided the client 

  • APK file
  • AAB file
  • A Logo required for the app interface

If you need one please feel free to contact for that
Sahin Ahmed