I have experience in manual, automationSelenium-web, Appium-Android/IOS and Behat-Api testing. Wanted to get your software testing with feedbacks and review in the form of video

Posted: 4 years ago
You might have notice that I have no feedbacks, that’s because I am new to this site, however if you give me a chance to explain my experience you’ll see I have the skills you need for your job.

I have experience in Manual Testing including all kind of testing methods as well as Automation Testing using Selenium and Appium(Mobiles) automation tools. You will receive feedback and reviews on your application in videos fomat.

Here are some testing methods which I can perform on your application:
▪ Acceptance testing
▪ Load testing
▪ Stress testing
▪ Performance testing
▪ Usability testing
▪ Install/uninstall testing
▪ Recovery testing
▪ Security testing
▪ Compatibility testing
▪ Comparison testing
▪ Alpha testing
▪ Beta testing 
▪ Black box testing 
▪ White box testing
▪ Unit testing
▪ Incremental integration testing
▪ Integration testing
▪ Functional testing
▪ System testing
▪ End-to-end testing
▪ Sanity testing
▪ Regression testing

Automation Testing:
▪ Selenium
▪ Appium
▪ Java
▪ Junit/TestNG Framework

Here are some expertise details about me:
▪ Experienced in behat-api testing based on php. Includes regress testing of api’s.
▪ Very good experience in (Selenium and Appium) Automation testing of mobile applications in Android, iPhone, IPad and web-based app for both mobile and system browsers.
▪ Fair Knowledge of Google Analytics.
▪ Extensive experience in Functional Testing, Black Box Testing and System Testing
▪ Experienced in Manual Testing to validate the Functionality of the product.
▪ Experience in Test planning, Test case design, execution, defect tracking and reporting.
▪ Familiar with software testing methodologies, test strategies and test metrics.
▪ Well acquainted with Software Development Life Cycle and Software Testing Life Cycle.
▪ Experience in Functional, Security, UI and Regression testing of Web Application
▪ Client interaction regarding ticket resolution and defect closure status.
▪ Managed team resources of 5-6 persons including task allocation, training and scheduling.
▪ Skilled at handling several projects at a given point of time.
▪ Understanding high business risk areas & complexity in the systems solution thereby enabling to priorities and focus on specific test areas.
▪ Executing the same and arriving at the schedules, preparing test reports.
▪ Defect tracking and logging through automated tools like Devtrack, Bugzilla, JIRA, Fogbugz and TargetProcess.