I have developed this Diwali Laxmi Pujan Vidhi Application For android

Posted: 4 years ago
Diwali Pujan Method and process, you can read and listen both.
Diwali is celebrated through festive fireworks, lights,flowers,sharing of sweets and worship of godess Laxmi, We com e up with the android application with Diwali Pujan Vidhi, Diwali Katha and Laxmi & Ganesh Aarti. This is fully made for celebrating five days of Diwali.You can download the app and find About Diwali:* Why Its celebrated?
* Diwali Katha.
* Five days of Diwali.
* Diwali Pakwaan
* Diwali Pujan Vidhi
* Laxmi, Ganesh Aarti (Read & Play)
A Step By Step Process to Perform Diwali or Laxmi Pooja. 
The Audio in this Application is in Hindi language.