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Analysis: SEO-friendly Content   Recommendations:
The web page can offer far more SEO optimized content specifically related to its category. Travel – Real estate – Website design, etc. (SEO-friendly content writing); Extensive keyword-rich content will need to be added to individual pages to improve rankings. Search Engine friendly, keyword rich content in line with Meta tags to be implemented as suitable on the site to get high traffic and rankings. Text has to be added on the home page as well as internal pages. Analysis: Keywords analysis   Recommendations: Our recommendation is use of two or three-word phrases instead of single words, pair general keyword with more specific ones. Also, use of combination keywords that are distantly related, common misspelled related terms, service region specific keywords and long variation of keywords. Besides these, we can also focus on long-tail keywords targeted at your specific industry to get you optimum benefit. Analysis: Site Meta tags   Recommendations: Create page-wise Meta tags with a view to re-writing page-wise content to incorporate these - without allowing the body text to lose ‘marketing appeal’.