I am a professional Graphic designer and animation video editor .i have 3 year experience in this fied

Posted: 1 year ago
All types of Logos,Poster,Animation social media,Presentation ,you tube thumbnail,Social media ,Facebook  cover,Flyer,Facebook post,Instagram post,Blog Banners,Card,Email Header,Twitter post,  P interest Graphics,Facebook app ads,Thumb lr Graphics,Us letter documents ,A4 Documents,Letterhead,Magazine cover,Certificate,Resume,Year Book,Book cover,Desktop wallpaper,Watt pad book cover,Photo college ,CD Album cover,Info graphic, Menu, Trifocals Brochure,Gift Certificate,Business card,Label,Facebook event cover,postcard,Invitation,Tags,Programmed,Announcement,Wide Skyscraper Ad,Large rectangular Ad,Leader-board Ad and much more