Having 5 Year experience in Unix and Linux Developer,Application, Production support,Shell Script Developer by using skill Unix,Linux,Bash scripting, Sql, Mysql,Shell scripting,Bash scripting,Jira,ser

Posted: 3 months ago
Having 5 years of IT experience as a (L2/L3) engineer, in Devlopment and operational engineer.Also working in Unix and Shell Scriprt Developer in Automation.Also Good experience in Production and Apllication support envorment. Technically efficient in UNIX , UNIX Shell Scripting,Linux,Oracle SQL,MySQL,Autosys,Jira,Snow,Nagios server monitoring tool,Control-M Job Monitoring tool and UB reporting tool. Having good knowledge in Shell Scripting. Good experience in Writing SQL Queries and Unix Commands. Having Good knowledge in Grep,Sed and Awk Command. Also using Postman Tool for API Testing,Fetch and load data in DB