FunOnCam - Get Rid of Your Boring Camera

Posted: 2 years ago
FunOnCam provides you a wonderful feature for applying filters, adding text and stickers, drawing images directly on your camera so that you can see your changes on LIVE camera before taking photo.

It provides you a unique option to add your custom stickers directly from your photo library in the App, so now there is no dependency on fixed sticker packs.


REAL TIME FILTERS - Filters are the important part of the photo. We have designed wonderful filters for you that will make your photo more effective. You can select it in real time and check the best results before taking photo.

ADD TEXT USING AMAZING FONTS WITH DIFFERENT SIZE AND COLORS - Add custom typography directly to your camera with very artistic fonts. You can choose from a huge selection of powerful fonts that will make your photo more engaging.

STICKERS - You can add stickers directly on your LIVE Camera and set the position before taking picture. You can also add your custom sticker whatever you want from your photo library.

REAL TIME DRAWING - Now you can also draw on LIVE Camera.

- Support for both Camera and Photo Library
- Rotate text using gestures
- Add multiple lines of text
- Change text font and Color
- Add your custom stickers

So, now what are you waiting for? Get rid of boredom right now with FunOnCam that is designed especially for you. Don’t wait a second more to get this free download, so start tapping and enjoying!