Flight Data Analysis Services for UAV fixed wing

Posted: 8 months ago
Flight Data Analysis Services for UAV (fixed wing) can help you improve
your business performance in relation to the safety, productivity and
efficiency of photogrammetric flights.
If you have UAV
(fixed wing) for
photogrammetry and controlled by Auto Pilot type Pixhawk, I have the
necessary tools to evaluate your flights according to several criteria:

  • Operational procedures.
  • Efficiency in the capture of aerial images.
  • Three-dimensional animation of the flight path.
  • History of flight hours and maintenance planning.
  • Prediction of potential causes of failures.
  • Accident investigation.
  • Others.
To do this I have developed a software called FDA-UAV with about 2 years of operations and, on the other hand, I have all the necessary experience to make my services become timely decisions for you.
My services can be at your disposal with quality and speed.