Experienced Law Tutor & Writer

Posted: 3 months ago
**Please send me a message above if you have any questions prior to ordering. I do custom orders.**

will teach you by answering your questions and teaching you via written

If you need help understanding an area of law such as contract
as a subject for your degree/college/school study please continue

I will be able to provide the
framework and study materials to learn the following areas of law to an
undergraduate standard. I will provide help to further your
understanding alongside this. I will recommend materials I used and show
you how to use them.

I have completed the following modules to UK degree standard:
  • Public Law.
  • Contract Law.
  • Common Law.
  • War Crimes Law.
  • Criminal Law.
  • European Union Law (EU).
  • Tort Law.
  • Terrorism Law.
  • Land Law.
  • Trusts and Equity Law.
  • Business Law.
  • Academic Skills (Law).
  • Human Rights.
  • Mediation Practice.
  • Lawyers Skills.
  • Legal System.
  • Sentencing & Offender Treatment.
  • Legal Research.
  • Legal Reasoning.
  • Interviewing in a Legal Setting.
  • Law & Criminology.
  • Westlaw use.
  • LexisNexis use.
  • Dissertation Module.