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Posted: 2 years ago
Site Features
As a Guest:
1) Surf site
2) Visit Pages

As a User: 
1) Mange Profile – Photo, Display Name.
2) Change Password
3) Activity Time Line
a. Shows time line what you have done.
4) My Reminder
a. You can set reminder for your movie, channel – serial etc..

As an Admin:
1) Dashboard
a. Showing Statistics of users, channels, movies, stars etc.
b. Registration Statistics
c. Registration By Sources
d. Registration By Subscriptions
e. Latest users
f. Other Pie chart for statistics monthly details.
2) Manage Movies
3) Manage DVDs
4) Manage Stars/Peoples
5) Manage Genres
6) Manage Channels / Tv
7) Manage Ads
8) Manage News Letters.
9) Manage Website Users
a. Add/Edit/List/Delete
b. User Report
10) Managements Privacy Policy (CMS)
11) Manage FAQs (CMS)
12) Manage Terms (CMS)
13) Manage News (CMS)
14) Manage Slider (Banner)
15) Admin Users 
a. Role Management
b. Admin User Management
16) Manage Email Template 
17) Manage Gallery
18) Website Settings – Configuration
19) Website Features (CMS)
20) Manage Transaction (Subscriptions/payments)