Datacenter Migration & Co-Location

Posted: 1 year ago
This project involved revamp of the datacenter with 0% downtime (few minutes of downtime). The client wanted to scrap out the old Itanium servers running RHEL 4 and Windows 2003 which were hosting a series of applications on outdated technology stack. The client needed a highly available and a robust technology stack with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

My responsibilities:
- Advising the client on selecting which technology stack to be used
- Designing the workflow of the migration process.
- Installed, configured and supported mission-critical Linux and Windows servers.
- Installed, configured and prepared HP-UX and Linux servers to install Oracle products
- Was responsible for 24x7 uptime and monitoring of IT infrastructure including the DMZ and Windows/Linux servers.
- Implemented Symantec Netbackup 7.5 to backup IT infrastructure using LAN on EMC Data Domain 620 System.
- Implemented Legato Networker to backup mission critical applications using SAN on EMC CX-240 library.
- Installed, configured and administrated Oracle DB on Red Hat, Oracle EL, Windows OS.
- Installed and configured real-time monitoring systems based on Nagios and Observium.
- Installed and configured HAproxy on Linux servers to provide High Availability.
- Configured and implemented RAID 10 on mission critical servers and RAID 5 on less mission mission critical servers to improve system stability.
- Tested new tasks in virtual environment before deploying them on production servers by means of VMware.
- Performed capacity planning and performance tuning Wndows/Linux Operating Systems for Oracle Databases/Middleware Applications.
- Administrated and managed EMC storage arrays.
- Identified and solved problems related with hardware, operating systems and network
- Was responsible for rack mounting and cabling of servers, storage arrays, tape libraries in the Data Center.
- Implemented shell scripts to automate tasks, gather system information and create custom startup scripts.
- Provided security Linux/Windows servers by means of IPFilter, IPTables, sudo, access control, security patches.
- Installed and configured MRTG to monitor the traffic load on network links.
- Installed, configured and supported Primary & Secondary DNS, DHCP, FTP, NFS and NTP servers.
- Installed, configured Multipath I/O software on UNIX/Linux and Windows servers to provide fault tolerance.
- Created and managed user & group accounts and customized login shell scripts.
- Managed and created disk partitions, modified physical volumes, volume groups, logical volumes (LVM).
- Monitored system resources utilization by means of ps, top, sar, vmstat, iostat, glance, ipcs.
- Configured UNIX/Linux kernel parameters and updated kernels on Linux servers.
- Compiled and installed software from source code on Linux servers.

It was a six month project. The migration was completed within 4 months and after succeeding 2 months were spend for the stability phase.