Data Entry and Data Conversion Projects

Posted: 4 years ago
My project
is diverse, and I have completed 3 projects for one
types of client.     My data entry and data conversion projects are
guaranteed to 99.95% accuracy and we deliver these services in a timely manner
with complete confidentiality and data security. If  your project
or support needs require dependable, back office and administrative expertise, I encourage you to explore the example provided in the category of our project portfolio.

The following project description illustrate a
small percentage of the total projects completed. I encourage you to discuss your specific needs and project requirements.

  • Client A I provided Data Entry for
    a customer looking for various car prices keying projects.

In addition to this project example, we can also
provide our clients with the following services and project tasks:

  • Data entry from paper or
    books with absolute accuracy and exceptional speed
  • Data entry from image files
    in any format
  • Business transaction data
    entry for sales, purchasing and payroll data
  • Data entry and compilation
    from web site content
  • Strategic or operational
    data entry into software programs and applications
  • Receipts and billing data
  • Manuscript typing in
    Microsoft Word format
  • Copy, paste, editing,
    sorting, and indexing data in any format