Creating a logo, infographic, presentation, flyers, poster for a business.

Posted: 5 months ago
As a freelancer, I will contribute all my effort, skill and experience that i have to complete 
the project with reliable, honesty and quality. Customer satisfaction is my motto in doing 
my project. I have experience and skill in using some tool such as Canva, venggage, 
Publisher, Adobe Spark, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, and others. It usually has been 
use in create logo, poster, infographic, Power point, editing photo, editing video and others.
I manage to delivered the project as a promise on time and with good quality. It is because 
the good cooperation that given by the customer is very useful to me, in completing the 
task. I have good communication with my clients, so it makes it easier for me to understand
and know what the client wants for the project. It is because every client has different preference, desires and others. The skill and experience in using some software’s tool is very important in complete the task.