Certified Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Advert

Posted: 2 years ago
Some of the regular tasks that I'll complete as part of the portfolio are as follows:

Keyword research
Ad creation and testing
Bid monitoring and optimisation
Quality score improvements
Advice/suggestions on your landing page/s
Optimisation of account and campaign settings
Monitoring of the search term report
Utilisation of all Ad extensions
Help setting up conversion tracking (if not set up)
Regular adding to negative keyword lists
Conversion rate optimisation
Manual management of daily and monthly spending budgets
Recommendations for utilising other AdWords features (including implementation)
Review and restructuring of Ad Groups
Landing page tests (if required)
Performance optimisation of other metrics (e.g by device type, location, time of day, etc)
Display campaigns, Video campaigns
Ad Scheduling (if required)
Regular reporting (as required)