Aqua Sprit Identity

Posted: 1 year ago
The concept behind the Aqua Spirit identity was having something that represents the brand well and also craft a logo mark that could be used on its own as a symbol for the brand.  I chose to go with a stylized A with the front of it turning into a crested wave.  Since a good portion of SUP users do take them out into the ocean this style preference was made.  The colors used for the A are both aquatic cyan tones found in nature.  The blue used for the type is a darker cyan not only to represent water but also loyalty and trustworthiness.  The san serif used is Raleway which can be used commercial without purchasing a license for it.  The first of the two images is a mock up of the logo on stationary and an app.  The second image is how it would look on a SUP and paddle if the client wishes to have the logo mark and type placed in those particular areas.