Angry Snakes

Posted: 2 months ago
Angry snakes is the simple yet very addictive game play. The goal is to eat and grow. If head of one snake touches the head or body of another then the game is over. But if one runs in to the snake then it will explode and the snake can eat the remains. 

It is based on snake game online theme you will enjoy so Become the biggest and longest snake in the world just by eating remains as many as possible. hungry snake game can eat lot of remains of other snakes to kill them and eat them.This game is fascinating and easy to play even without internet connection. You can choose from various skins of snakes, develop your skills, try to survive and eat snakes. 

It is a mixture of classic snake game but with original snake game graphics.

People would to like to play snakes game like snake and ladder game, Hunting snakes game but we worked on this idea.

So if you are in search of a simple game play snake game to kill the times then download this free snake game and enjoy!
we used cool color to make this snake games for kids.

We developed this snake games for free and working on update to convert snake 3d game