Posted: 7 months ago
Client's Requirements Are Here in Below

I need the heart in different shades of grey - never reaching anywhere near black. I want the Alameda Giving Hearts Foundation over the grey heart in the three reds that I sent over, I sent three RGB color codes. It doesn't have to be all three but it is more in the style of the main image here (see large text on banner) The grey heart alone will be the favicon and if you want to change the shape of the heart a bit that is great with me but not the concept of the heart entirely.

I am looking for minimalist, with pop and not feminine at all. The word foundation can be left off or minimized compared to the rest of the text. I would like three versions to choose from and work off of that follow these guidelines. I really want a nice font as well - none of the fonts above really catch the feel I'm going for, the font used on the website would be closer and the font is most important.

Alameda Giving Hearts Foundation (no tagline / slogan) I had put my colors in RBG format for the words and the heart to be grey scaled and to sit behind the logo in my original request.

I also want it to be pop and be clean font, easily readable from far since so many words and to pop on fliers 

You can also see www.alamedagivinghearts,com for a look at colors

I had also mentioned for it not to be square, I prefer more of a horizontal rectangle if possible and it's okay to either minimize or leave out the world foundation if needed