3D Patient-Specific Blood vessel Modeling and Simulation

Posted: 2 years ago
Carotid atherosclerosis is one of the main
cardiovascular diseases, which are considered the major cause of
death worldwide. Atherosclerosis forms a plaque that occlude
blood vessels, and if ruptured it causes a stroke or heart attack.
The treatment protocol of atherosclerosis depends heavily on
plaque type, structure, and composition. These factors affect
plaque behavior (stable/unstable), or vulnerability. To study the
behavior of plaque, we must study the fluid structure interaction
between blood flow and blood vessels. The goal of this project is
to reconstruct patient-specific three dimensional models of blood
vessels for simulation and 3D printing, particularly for the
carotid artery. MRI and CT datasets of atherosclerotic vessels
will be used to reconstruct the 3D model that will be fed into
simulation program to measure the stress, strain, pressure and
velocity to assess the plaque. Two validation studies were
performed for normal and atherosclerotic arteries and results
were in good agreement with previous work. Additionally, a 3D
realistic model was printed for the vessel.This work shall provide
a simulation environment for the predication of atherosclerotic
plaque behavior that shall help medical doctors in choosing the
right treatment decisions.