3 months SEO work: Case Study

Posted: 8 months ago
Hello Sir,

I am Ajay Shukla from India, running an SEO agency in India since 2014.
I am sharing the output of my most recent work (Date 18/09/2019). Consider it as a case study. It is a case study of numerologybasics.net

We have full responsibility for this website for example keyword research, article writing, creating backlinks, creating social signals, Social media Management and it is performing very good. As you can see benchmarks

  • 1- It is 3 months old website (As of today 18-09-2019) You can check-in the whois database. So we can not work on it for more than 3 months.
  •  It has about 11000+ page views/ last 30 days matrices
  • Bounce rate is 17%
  • Average session duration 3m 51s,
  • Global Alexa Traffic Rank 319,714 and India Alexa Traffic rank is 30,791.
  • Aherf 2100 organic keywords with traffic value.
  • MOZ Matrices Shows DA 17 and 0% Spam Score
  • Facebook 4500+ likes, Thousands of likes & Share
  • Pinterest 1700+ views 10- Social Signals 10,000+ I am attaching all screenshots to prove my points

As well as I am handling buysecondhandbook.com It is now a top 8 second-hand books website in India.

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