Posted: 8 months ago
The client requested me to write as per the instructions below;

1. Topics "14 best kettlebell exercises for women at home"

FOR SEO RANKING (Check carefully)

2. The main long tail keyword "kettlebell exercises for women"

3. This log tail keyword, try to use on subtopics and content (several times more than 20 without changing the meaning total idea) too. 
Don't try to write dirty subtopics using a long tail keyword, keep it attractive way.

4. Please consider good and descriptive enough Introduction and includes the long tail keywords of "kettlebell exercises for women"
in the first paragraph. Full clear introduction of not more than 2 paragraphs is good.

5. conclusion with asking a question from the readers to promote readers to leave a comment on the post.
same time, please add the long-tail keyword(kettlebell exercises for women) conclusion part too. 

6. If you have any external links that are very well such as your contents trustable should verify with research source or acceptable sources (reference).

Please, Please,
7. Please try to check plagiarism before submitting it. there shouldn't be less than 1% (it may affect ranking)

8. The whole document, please write a simple paragraph for each subtopic.

9. There should be more than 10 external links for important sources.

10. I want to write 2000 words article for the above topic. I expect free images (mention about free the image source) regarding the content. 

11. The title keyword is "kettlebell exercises" which should include those all subtopics as well as content too. (more than 30 times)

12. other keywords ("kettlebell exercises for men", "kettlebell exercises for abs", "kettlebell exercises for beginners" should include content.
those keywords should includes at least 4 times for each. 

13. To develop internal links following keywords 
("battle rope exercises for beginners","Back Exercises for Building Muscle", "Walking For Weight Loss", "lose weight around your hips", "lose weight in your face fast", "Lose Weight In Your Legs", "Lose Weight And Build Muscle") 
need to include on the content and those keywords should be highlighted.There should be at least one time for all these keywords under each subtopics.



14. Please Try to attention followings (The whole document, please write a simple paragraph for each subtopic.)

Flesch Reading Ease: Try to make shorter sentences, using less difficult words to improve readability.

Transition words: None of the sentences contain transition words. Use some.

Passive voice: Please try to build passive voice 10% of the total only.

Consecutive sentences: There should be enough variety in your sentences.

Subheading distribution: Your text is not longer than 300 words and should be separated by any subheadings. 

Paragraph length: Paragraphs should contain the recommended maximum of 150 words.

Sentence length: The sentences should contain less than 20 words in each.