Samir Belhamra-Freelancer in Cannes,France

Samir Belhamra

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Cannes, France

Graphic designer and Photography retoucher


Local Time - 05:28 AM

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Full-time : 30+ hrs/week

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My name is Samir @Grafixart_photo on instagram. I live in South France. I started drawing, making graffiti's and inventions when i was kid. Then, Internet, Photography and tools such as Photoshop opened an engless horizon to travel through graphic unverses. They allowed me to develop my own ideas and launch my computer graphics business. Today, my style is atypical, situated between reality and imagination. I hope my artworks make people dream, travel and change perceptions. I share my own vision of landscape with editing.


Starting with playing with PAINTSHOPPRO in past. I also test the 3d via 3dsmax, then I discovered Photoshop, I found an infinite possibility to develop my ideas. Then came studies, college, high school, and studies that had nothing to do with what I want to do later.

So I decided to stop, to focus on what I wanted, I started my own computer graphics business just after undertaking a distance education that I follow at home, to formalize my skil

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