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Welcome to Kroun Corporation. Where all our Clients are Kings.

Kroun is a multiservice Company that primarily markets time saving services to corporations and professional businessmen. Kroun, mandated by it by-laws, shall conduct client business in a timely manner, with meticulous precision and few disruptions.

You ask any entrepreneur what their biggest probem is and they will state Not Enough Time

Well, what would you do if you could literally manufacture time and bottle it like water, remember that crazy idea, bottled water. Everyone said Bottled Water was a joke, nobody will ever buy BOTTLED WATER; well I bought some today.

Here at Kroun Corp., life dictates TIME is the commodity for all who operate a successful business. Time is Money; power to produce time is analogous to obtaining Congessional Authority to print Legal Tender out of thin air.

In an effort to save companies more time, and thus, MONEY; Kroun Corp. created and offers an Exclusive Independent Paralegal Services specializing in the most stressful and Time consuming Laws - Criminal Appeals, UCC, Contract Formation and Dispute, Real Estate Law and Corporate Law.

Kroun Corporation Paralegals understand legal practice is stressfull and time consuming;that is why we exist.

Time is our clients' most precious asset, thus our mission is to identify and perform the ancillary and secondary jobs they require in order to free clients' schedules and produce time for them to perform their primary professional services in which remuneration is extremely more lucrative, especially when compared to the secondary or ancillary task we're hired to perform; i.e., Attorney representing individuals in Court for $500 an hour compared to the same attorney performing Legal Research for $75 an hour. The Attorney saved 425 dollars an hour by hiring Kroun Corp. to do the research.

Clients that hire Kroun Corp. to perform their perfunctory legal tasks can relax knowing that we are here to help grow their business while decreasing their work load, yet maximizing production and profit.

If our services do not save your firm time and money then Kroun will happily complete the project free of charge.

Owner: Elijah Rogers
Location: Daleville, Al.

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