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SCM, Logistics, Warehouse Management, ISO 9001-2008 QMS Implementation


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I, Muralidharan, worked with various Multi National Companies at senior level position and worked for more than 30 years. Had taken pre-retirement from the career and started own firm named KLM ASSOCIATES and based in Chennai, to provide consultancy services to Small Scale, Medium Scale, Retail Supply Chain, on Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Warehouse Management, ISO 9001-2008 QMS Process Management, Sourcing of Vendors, Scouting of Warehouse space, Raw Material for Manufacturing, Finished Goods Sourcing, Imports and Exports, Custom Clearance, Liaison work, Transportation, Training staff in these areas etc as and when required.
 Supply Chain Management
 Logistics Management
 Warehouse Management
 Scouting Warehouse space
 Scouting Raw Material, Finished Products
 Imports and Exports
 Custom Clearance
 ISO 9001 QMS process Management
 Customer Service
 Transportation and
 Training Staff – SCM, 5S in warehouse management, Customer Order Process, Compliance
 Audit of warehouse for inventory

1. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Every manufacturing industry or commercial organisation, Retail organisation, Distribution activities – Supply Chain function is the main and important function to run the business effectively to provide customer service to gain good will at the market places and to retain the existing customers in fold and bring in more customers to the business. We can make process for the raw material procurement and its delivery to improve the productivity of the organization. This will ensure to service a customer order effectively.

2. LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT: Next important functional area of an organization is Logistics – where an organization gets an order from a customer and executes. The entire process involved here is right from beginning the receipt of order from customer to reaching their ordered material back to customer and getting their acknowledgement of material. The process involved are receipt of order, scrutinize the order, placing internal order on manufacturing unit or to import and getting the material delivered at warehouse, quality inspection, invoicing at the agreed prices with customers, packing and forwarding and dispatch to customer. Once material reaches the customer get the acknowledgement from them about the receipt of material in full and completion of their order.

3. WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT: Managing warehouse is a toughest job. Inward, Outward, Customer Returns, Defectives and damaged material, 5S method system ( Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain), Maintain Warehouse Records and its requirement, disposal of scrap and defective and damaged material process. Periodical inventory Check, Warehouse Auditing and Stock auditing as per requirement of Finance Department.

4. WAREHOUSE SCOUTTING: Can identify and finalize warehouse space and related requirements of warehouse. Finalization of Contract labours and their wages.

5. SCOUTTING OF RAW MATRIAL, FINISHED GOODS AND VENDORS/SUPPLIERS: Can identify raw material for manufacturing of the customer demand or identify the finished product suppliers who can supply the item at a competitive prices. Can arrange tie up with them and enter into an agreement.

6. IMPORTS AND EXPORTS: In case the product is import in nature, the same shall be arranged from respective country to provide service to the customer. Necessary documents and other process will be initiated. In case the organization is exporting material to other countries, necessary formalities and related logistic work will be done to export the product.

7. CUSTOM CLEARANCE: once the organization decides to import or export, necessary formalities in getting the material inside or outside the custom, clearance can be arranged. Can also undertake freight forwarding the material as required. All documentation required to be done with custom authorities will be undertaken.

8. ISO 9001-2008 CERTIFICATION: Any organization, Manufacturing Unit, Retail Business, ISO 9001-2008 certification required. After implementing the process and practices, and frequent audits and then getting the Certification. This will also be undertaken.

9. TRANSPORTATION: Delivery of goods will take place to customer thru Local transport and incase of upcountry customers the same shall be arranged through courier service, or long distance transportation services. Shall Identify these and arrange agreements accordingly and finalize the rates accordingly.

10. TRAINING OF STAFF: We also can undertake to train your staff members on the above areas to function smoothly to provide good service to the customer and retain customer interest in the organization. In addition we can also provide Self Development, Time Management, Quality Management softskill training to the employees.

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