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What you will get

This service is meant for those artist  that are about to release a single.  I will provide the song mixed and mastered to be ready to use in high quality audio.

You will received 2 version of your song:
A) Mixed song. If your song is part of an album that will be mastered someday, you will have to provide this version of your song to the sound engineer.
- the file is going to be a  stereo WAVE file at 48khz and 24 bit rate

B) Ready to use to be released on streaming services, radio airplay, video clips,...
If you are going to release your song in any media known this is the version you need. After the mixing is done, I will to processed your song with a mastering approach, to reach full potential of it and make it be market competitive and ready to use.
I will send the song in different file because you might need it:
- stereo WAVE file at 48khz and 24 bit rate
- stereo WAVE file at 44.1khz and 16 bit rate
- stereo MP3 file 320kpbs

This service include only: mix and master for 1 song.
I can do correction to instrument or vocal to fit in the song (fix time or pitch). No whole editing nor arrangement nor autotune whole song.

Maximum track 64 tracks. 

What the Seller needs to start the work

Send me
- whole song file
- song exported separated by tracks file from start to end WITHOUT DITHERING
- file must be titled with the track name bass, kick, snare, vocal...
- file format WAVE or AIFF only sample rate from 44.1khz to 96khz, bit rate from 16 to 64
- image/cover of the song 2000x2000pxl png/jpeg if you have oneI need it for the mp3 version of your song

Also send me a text file word/pdf/text/note providing the following info:
- metadata: song title, artist/band name, label, website,...
- song bpm Beats Per Minute
- list of the file you are sending
- quick description of the sound you desire for your song give example
- detailed request for your song lead instrument, fix vocal tempo at minXXsecXX, special delay at vocal minXXsecXX, fade out at the end,...

If the recording is not good enough, I will contact you.

Thank you

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