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Writing Assignment #2:
Comparison-Contrast Analysis

Writing assignment #2 will
be an essay in which you compare and contrast two objects, concepts, or ideas.

You are encouraged to use
your field of study to help in generating a topic for this essay. Some sample
topics are listed below:


If you are majoring in one of
the disciplines in our Computer Information Systems and Technology (CITE) unit,
you might be majoring in one of the following: computer networks and security,
computer science, cybersecurity, digital media and web technology, or
information systems management

might write a comparison-contrast essay on one of the following, or anything
within the field of the classes above.



 SQL and QBE

 viewing text on a computer screen and viewing text in

 online and face-to-face classes

 modern terrorism practices and modern cyberterrorism

 two watermarking techniques

 digital and traditional drawing



The essay should
be 1000-1500 words in length.

The essay must
cite at least two sources to support
your points.


Your essay should have the

 an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.

at least three body paragraphs that illustrate at
least three major points and defend these points by referring to the
articles you have found on the topic.

o You will
want to paraphrase or quote from the texts as appropriate.

o In citing
your sources, please use APA style.

o Your body
paragraphs should follow the alternating pattern of organization. This
pattern of organization is described in the following video tutorial.

o Your body paragraphs should analyze at least two
points of contrast. You may have three or four points of contrast, but you must
have at least two. You may include a paragraph about one or two similarities if
you would like.

 a compelling concluding paragraph.


In addition, the paper
should be formatted according to APA style (e.g., you should include a running
head with page numbers, have appropriate margins, etc.) in accordance with the
video tutorial you observed in class, How to format your paper according to
APA style

As noted above in the bulleted
information, you will emphasize the differences, or the contrasts, in your
essay. You may point out similarities as well
. However, if there is
little contrast to exposit on in the essay, then you may have chosen two topics
that are not quite suitable for comparison-contrast

Due Date:
to be determined
by the instructor


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