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What you will get

of course Duration and Study

Course Agenda - Part 1

Day 1-2

  • Trading

    • Understanding
      the fundamentals of risk and reward in trading

  • Market

    • Be
      able to speak the language of traders

  • Economic

    • Know
      what information to look for and why it is important

  • The Flow
    of Trading

    • Understand
      the components of trading

  • Charts:
    The Window into the Markets

    • Power
      of price action, time frames, charting, candlestick basics

  • Core
    Strategy - Supply and Demand

    • Learn
      how the markets really work and the two mistakes of novice traders

Day 3-6

  • Trading

    • Everyone
      is different, find what trading style fits you best

  • Core
    Strategy Setups

    • Recognizing
      trade setups and understanding supply and demand zones

  • Core
    Strategy Trends

    • Zone
      entry, inside the zone entry, leaving the zone entry

    • Exit
      strategies Part I

  • Gifts of
    the God 1 and 2

    • Learn
      how to increase the odds on low risk, high reward, high probability

  • Trade

    • The
      strategy for moving stops, taking your profits and leaving your trade

  • Putting
    it All Together

    • Step
      by step checklist for buying and selling using all components of the core

Day 7-8

  • Order

    • Understand
      four key order types and the purpose for each

  • Risk
    Management Part I

    • The
      5 outcomes of trading and the common pitfalls of unsuccessful traders

  • Position

    • The
      key to objectively managing risk

  • Multiple
    Time Frame Analysis

    • Know
      the value and the purpose behind multiple time frame analysis

  • Stock
    Selection Process

    • Identify
      trading opportunities using our rule based top down approach

  • Recording
    and Analyzing Trades

    • Tools
      for journaling (log) and measuring the results for improvement

  • Putting it
    All Together

    • Fine
      tuning core strategy by including new concepts into the plan

Course Agenda - Part 2

Day 9-10

  • Risk
    Management Part II

    • Understand
      the power of reward to risk ratios

  • Gifts of
    the God 3

    • Learn
      how to measure the reward to risk ratios quality of the trade set up

  • Momentum
    Trading Tactics

    • Market
      breakouts, re-tests and the power of using the trend

  • The
    Complete Trader

    • Overview
      of each asset class and how the professional trader leverages them

Day 11

  •  Volume

  • Demand
    Zone volume co-relation

  • Supply
    zone and volume co-relation

  • Break out
    and volume co-relation

Day 12-15

  • Exit
    Strategies Part II

    • Learning
      Trailing Stop Strategies using ATR and other Technical Stop Exit

  • Indicators

    • Proper
      use of indicators with core strategy including broad market analysis,
      volume, moving averages, ATR, Bollinger Bands

  • All Star

    • Entry
      strategies using Bollinger Bands in combination with demand/supply zones

  • 10 Laws of

    • Protect
      yourself against weaknesses that all traders struggle with

  • Trader
    Time Zones

    • The
      rhythm of the trading day and its impact on volume, asset classes and

  • Trading

    • Recognizing
      novice gaps and pro gaps and the power of trading gaps

  • Oscillators

    • The
      proper use of oscillators, divergence, overbought and oversold, RSI, Stochastic,
      CCI, MACD

Day 16-17

  • Gifts of
    the God 4 and 5 

  • Live
    Trading Tests

    • Apply
      all you have learned

  • Written

    • Test
      your skills in your written exam

  • Trade
    Plan Presentation

    • Learn
      how to plan a trade from start to finish

  • 10
    Survival Skills

    • Understand
      the skills that you need going forward


Day 17-18

  • Class

  • Gifts of
    the God 6 and 7 

  • Co-relations
    with Supply and Demand

  • Putting
    Supply and Demand with all Gifts of the God all together

  • Putting
    Supply and Demand with Gifts of the God and oscillator indicators


Days 19-20

  • Future

  • Combination
    with Supply & Demand

  • Combination
    with Market trend, volatility index, dollar index , supply & demand ,
    oscillator and indicator.

  • Trailing
    stop loss

  • Entry and
    Exit strategy

  • Position

  • Pair
    trading strategy

Days 21 -22

  • Combination of zone, oscillator & indicator, volume,
    pattern, time, trend all together.

  • Gifts of the God 8

  • Using RSI as Gifts of the God no 9

  • The secrete set up. 



Days 23

Options Basics

  • Choosing
    Options over Stocks

  • Definitions
    and Terminology

  • Calls

  • Puts

  • Charts,
    Diagrams and Payoff Graphs

Days 24

Types of Analysis

  • Technical

  • Fundamental

  • Time Value
    and Price Decay

  • Pricing
    and Volatility Analysis

  • The Greeks

Days 25

 Understanding Black Scholes model and


Days 26

Building a Trading Plan

  • Buying
    and Selling Puts and Calls

  • Covered

  • Strike

  • Stock
    Selection Process

Learning Objectives

  • Master
    the core foundational concepts including:

    • Analyzing
      commodity market and economic indicators

    • Selecting
      commodities to trade

    • Managing
      the risk in trading commodities

    • Leveraging
      up to 10:1

    • Developing
      and refining your own commodities trading plan

  • Application
    of additional trading tools to enhance decision making

  • Be able
    to consistently identify low risk/high reward opportunities in the market

  • Have a
    clear understanding of the markets, and time frames that best fit a style
    of trading to your personality, life style, and risk tolerance


Understanding of basic trading principles or experience in trading
other asset classes. Professional Trader is highly recommended but is not


  • Why
    Trade Commodity Futures?

  • What is
    a Futures Contract?

  • Rollover

  • Margin
    and Leverage

  • Limits
    and Limit Moves

Participants in Futures Markets

  • Types of

  • Exchanges
    and Regulatory Agencies

  • Brokers

  • Speculators
    and Commercials

Trading Plans

  • Hedging

  • Spreads

  • Direction

  • Fundamental
    and Technical Analysis

Trading Preparation

  • Trading

  • Tools to
    Identify Trends

  • Momentum

  • Using

live trading seasons from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • Total Course fee-Rs30000.00

  • Installment breaks up: 10000*3

  • Hard copy of study material will be provided
    through courier with additional charge Rs 2000.00.

  • Everyone will receive few e-books free of cost.

  • Everyone will get support for one year (online)
    to enhance their skills.

  • Best students will be permitted to write in our
    blog with their won dignity.

  • In case of failure payment of installment, one
    year support will be terminated.

  • One can avail classes video by paying additional







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