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I am offering 500-word articles on any niche you would like. One revision request allowed.  Extremely rich in engaging language and captivating content. Not run of the mill, but rather  "creme of the crop".  Read the below cover letter to understand the outstanding QUALITY and VALUE you are receiving. Limited time only. I can also do 1,000-word articles for 10 USD. Want something in particular? Just message me and I will be glad to assist you. If it has anything to do with writing, I urge you to hire me. I am the best talent available at this price for the time being. Your expectations will not only be met, they will be EXCEEDED!

Hire this Freelancer and watch me do wonders for your business  

Who am I you ask? Just one heck of an exceptional writer based out of sunny South Florida, right here in the United States of America. Highly skilled, very creative, cunning and ambitious are just a few of the traits in my DNA. I really enjoy writing and having the ability to capture and mesmerize audiences. It's what I do best and is my PASSION. I aim to please and settle for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. I'm very well rounded in my skill set, have a friendly demeanor and the ability to LISTEN to your needs. Because of my extensive experience as a firefighter/paramedic, I have a very strong emergency medical background that can be utilized in medical writing.

 But I don't only specialize in medical writing. Absolutely not! I have done a great deal of work for clients through other websites and just via word of mouth. I started posting and responding to writing gigs on Craigslist. I have done so well for myself and ultimately for those that hire me, that I have ventured into more structured freelance job platform sites, such as TRUELANCE. So what does my work entail you ask?   This work includes FRESH and creative content writing for blogs, magazines, newsletters and other publications. I do not plagiarize. This has, unfortunately, become an epidemic on freelance writing career websites. I take pride in my God-given talents. These include, but are not strictly limited, the ability to write with an ingenious flair and passion that your readers will immediately be drawn to. It does not end there though. That's just the tip of the iceberg! The style of writing I implement in each proudly written piece has strategy involved. The purpose of this strategy is to keep your target audience engaged and coming back for more and more.  I can and have catapulted a few select companies to levels they never imagined. What do I mean by that? RETENTION of your current subscriber base, drawing more readers to your website or blog to increase your subscription numbers and an overall rebranding to keep your website or blog increasingly fresh every day with new and highly engaging content. I was born with a dynamic God-given talent and I'm now available on this particular platform to help you achieve your goals. Writing is truly my PASSION. I am proud of my work and the results speak for themselves. Just reading this mini-biography should give you the insight to see that I am no ordinary writer. I am the "creme of the crop" and exactly what you need if you truly desire spectacular content for all your writing needs. These results have pushed some of my clients and their social media platforms in a new limelight that has opened new doors for them. Doors they never dreamed would be able to open in such a short amount of time. When you hire a writer like myself, you are not only hiring a writer that is truly passionate and enjoys what he does. You are also investing in superior talent that is in a league by itself. After I listen to your needs and get an accurate grasp of what it is you are trying to accomplish, I can collaborate with YOU in getting YOUR business the attention it needs to set itself apart from the rest of the pack.

My career has also made me exercise impeccable customer service skills. Practice does indeed make perfect and every year I reach new levels that would have never been attainable if it weren't for the passion and drive I have for writing.  I take every day as an opportunity to acquire new information. My television is on and I am in touch with what is going on in the world. I am well-versed in nearly every niche imaginable. I do a tremendous amount of reading and I'm always educating and informing myself. This separates me from the rest of the competition. My communication skills are the creme of the crop. I am very articulate and able to express myself very well so that others understand the gist of the message relatively easily.

My writing style is sophisticated and savvy. I incorporate rich language so that the content is always engaging your target audience. Nicely structured sentences flow from one sentence to another seamlessly and without distracting the reader. These content-rich sentences eventually form beautifully executed paragraphs that look and read like a work of art. I have the ability to break down even the most complex paragraphs that bewilder people at first glance into writing they can understand and process with ease.

Mesmerizing your target audience, keeping them engaged and wondering who wrote the piece is my ultimate goal in any writing assignment I take on. Hire me and they WILL remember your publication my content was featured in. They will subscribe to your email list, refer friends with a sense of excitement and keep coming back for more and more. They will check out ALL your social media outlets and subscribe to those as well. In fact, don't be surprised if they become regular contributors to all your social media outlets. Your purpose is to hire individuals who have the talent to fully understand your organization's core values and mission objectives. YOUR SEARCH IS OVER.  Why do you ask? Because you have found that individual who if you hire will meet and exceed all your expectations. I'll do my part to give you the best opportunity to take your business to a whole new level that you've always dreamt of.
There are thousands of writers out there, so much to choose and sift from. Many of them are highly qualified and some of them I actually know personally. But having the best writers or the "creme of the crop", is essential to preventing stagnant websites, blogs, and magazines. You also want to utilize fresh and engaging content on a daily basis to prevent deteriorating YouTube channels. Do not settle for just any writer or one that has a huge portfolio but little stability. Fantastic writers find their niche within the organization and concentrate on other important niches with the sole purpose of diversifying. The relationship and rapport the writer has with his or her client are critical to long-term success. Good rapport and open lines of upstream and downstream communication are paramount in promoting your company.

I am always aware and sensing what's trending in today's society. Shoot me an email with just some very basic initial information about your writing project, and I'll probably already have an indication of the undertones the piece must possess in order to really draw in more subscribers to your social media platforms. I have done article content writing, blog content writing, medical writing and research articles. I have also dealt with product content writing, which is highly persuasive, in order to boost sales. One of the things I really enjoy the most is automotive enthusiast blogging and writing… including video reviews. I'm sort of an expert when it comes to vehicles.  I really enjoy discussing anything and everything that has to do with cars. I digress. Sometimes, if appropriate, I will throw in some humor to keep the content carefree and enjoyable.  That's merely just one of the many techniques that I incorporate into my writing.  I will work closely with the editor, use my coveted "active" listening skills and together we will make sure we're on the same page. As previously mentioned, communication should be the top priority when you want a project that is beautifully executed and delivered with outstanding results. This is what I have done in the past and can do for you! Hire me and let's get started...Let me show you what a truly gifted writer can produce =)

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