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Looking for an experienced video editor to put together great videos for a Youtube channel.

The video editor will be working on short videos designed for Youtube from 5 to 10 minutes long each. The raw footage would be sent by Wetransfer to the editor. One video would be done on a weekly basis.

The role of the video editor would be to select the best parts of the raw footage filmed, add text in some instance where necessary, and occasional images/graphs/Brolls (which would be shared to him), adjust colour grading, provide feedback to the YouTuber on raw video footage sent (quality of the video, lightning) and suggest if there is any better alternatives.

As an indicator, the videos should necessitate around 2 hours work of editing. Once the first version is provided, the Youtuber would provide one email with feedback to the video maker for last adjustments. Further adjustments are expected to take one hour.

This is an offer with the editor for 3 months, to be potentially extended for a longer duration, if the results are conclusive.

One trial period of one week would be done to see whether the video editor is a good fit for the role.

All the work can be done remotely, and most conversation would happen by message or phone call.
The budget allocated per hour is 8 USD/hour. If 3 videos reach 1000 views each in a month, the salary of the video editor will be permanently increased to 10USD/hour.

If you are interested by this role, please reach out and provide any sample work you have done in the past,

Thank you very much,
Kind regards,