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Xbox gamertag autoclaimer program

  • Posted at : 8 months ago
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I know I'm not the first to make a post for one of these programs so if you have a script written already I will gladly purchase.

First the program will have input for a fresh xbox account details that will have a free gamertag change. The program will cycle through a list of names back to back to back within seconds checking and attempting to claim the tag. Basically the script will need to be able to target a list (multiple/unlimited) and cycle through the list of gamertags to check their availability of the gamertag and claim immediately as they become available. I would also like a feature to target just a single gamertag if desired. This script should be able to run for months flawlessly. When a tag is claimed, I'd like it to remove that tag off the list and login to another fresh account and keep going. It should be able to store multiple fresh accounts of mine and know when one has made a claim and no longer available. Looking for a nice looking and easy to use interface along with the source code (only to be updated in the future).I know this isnt a difficult request and there are many skilled programmers. Thank you for your time!